This (“Qi Bug”) is a blog about MQL Programming,  IB (Introducing Broker), online trading, and many other topics that’s possible to write up by the author.

MQL Programming

MQL is stand for MetaQuotes Language. It designed to write a program that convert a trading strategy into trading action the automate way so trader could enjoy their spare time into other activity like take a vacation with their family, and so on.

IB (Introducing Broker)

IB is a partner of brokerage company that’s already have a mutual relationship each other between them. The IB is act like a marketing specialist; it’s working by recruiting more client for the broker and on return it’s got some benefits that could be use for anything like any other received funds.

Online trading

Online trading is an activity to collect some profits from trading actions that closed through the internet.

Many other topics that’s possible to write up by the author

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